Faculty Application

This application of the undersigned clergy and churchwardens and the Church named below, request the issuing of a Faculty or Licence in accordance with the Parish Administration Act.

Church details

Details of the Faculty or Licence requested

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Once submitted this form will be sent to your Rural Dean for approval before being sent to the Bishop. Please ensure the email address is correct.


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Form of Declaration

For the proposed additions to, alteration or removal of the Fittings, Furniture or Ornaments of any Church or Parochial Building. 

This Form must be affixed to the Church door or displayed in a prominent position in the porch inuse and 
exhibited for a continuous period of fourteen days.  

A faculty is valid for a period of twelve months from the date Registered in the Bishop's Registry. If it is not executed during this time, another Faculty application will have to be submitted.

To all parishioners,

Your attention is drawn to the following resolution passed by the Parish Council/Vestry.

Parishioners may lodge any objections to this proposal in writing to the Churchwardens, provided such objections are made within the specified period of fourteen days. 

This form will be sent to you on submission. You will then be able to print this page to display as required.
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An Extract from 


Division VIII - Buildings and their use

 8:1  Subject to the limitations imposed by this Division, the erection and maintenance of all parish buildings shall be under the control and management of the Parish Council or Vestry concerned. 

8:2  Prior to the acquisition of a site for a church or other building the Parish Council or Vestry concerned shall obtain the consent of Council of the Diocese. 

8:3  (a) No construction or addition to or purchase or alteration or removal of any building used or to be used for parochial or congregational purposes shall be made without the approval of the Incumbent, the Parish Council or Vestry (as the case may be), and Council of the Diocese. 

       (b) No building used for divine service shall be closed without the approval of the Incumbent, the Parish Council, the Vestry and Council of the Diocese. 

8:4   No Parish Council or Vestry shall borrow any money for the purchase of a site or for the erection or alteration of any building for parochial purposes without the prior consent of Council of the Diocese. 

8:5  (a) It shall be lawful for the Vestry with the consent of the Incumbent to permit any article or monument to be placed in any part of the Church or Churchyard subject to such regulations as shall be prescribed or approved by Council of the Diocese provided always that no monument shall be placed within or on the walls of the Church or in a Churchyard without a faculty from the Bishop. 

        (b) A request for a faculty shall be made in writing to the Bishop by the Incumbent and Churchwardens and shall be made before the purchase, manufacture or acquisition of the article or monument and shall contain adequate detail and information to enable the Bishop to make a considered judgment as to whether such request should be granted or refused. 

        (c) No article or monument for which a faculty has been issued shall be removed from a Church or Churchyard unless a faculty for such removal is obtained from the Bishop in the manner provided in paragraph (b) above