Property Project Proposal

Before you begin, please have the following documents ready to upload in either PDF (preferred), Word, or JPEG file types:

- Parish Council minute approving the proposal and which trust the funds are to be sourced (if applicable);

- Report outlining works to be done including summary and total costs;

- Quotes/invoices for the work; and

- Any other relevant documentation


Project Details

3 - 4 words only. ie. Termite Treatment, Rectory Works, Church Roof Restoration
Describe how the project will fit with the mission of your parish
Attach here any evidence of engagement with Council, Heritage Victoria, or any other relevant documentation

Project Finances


Project Funding

Describe how the project is to be funded e.g. budget, fundaising, grant/s

A link to submit a Trust Withdrawal Request Form will be provided once this form has been submitted.

Parish Approval

Describe the nature of the consultation with the parish

By signing this document I am confirming that the Parish Incumbent, Wardens and Parish Council have been consulted and are in agreement as to this project proposal.

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